Speech is silver – writing is gold

How to prepare the meeting with your professor for the thesis.

They did it! The date for discussing your thesis with the lecturer is that he will devote 15 minutes to discuss the planned bachelor’s or master’s thesis. This time wants to be well used. In principle, the better you are prepared, the more successful the meeting will be and the greater the willingness of the lecturer to actively work with you.

Much can be organized in advance, such as finding a topic.

Here are some tips:

Orient yourself to your own interests. It does not help at all if a lot of literature is available on a topic, but you are not interested in it. After all, you will deal with it for many days, weeks, months.

Limit the topic. Example: “The economy” is too comprehensive. “The German economy” is a bit narrower, but still too general. “The German economy after reunification” is more concrete, but still not enough. “The development of the German economy after reunification and its impact on the labor market” can be a useful topic, for example. The subject is called (economy), a spatial (Germany) and temporal (after reunification) limitation is given and the title already indicates what it is about: the relationship between the economic situation and the labor market.

Make a note of your ideas and thoughts on the topic, perhaps in the form of a mind map, in order to also make connections and cross-connections between the individual topic aspects clear. You do not have to present a mature expose in the first meeting. But own ideas should already exist. Research: What other authors have published on this topic? Is there a branch of this topic that you are particularly interested in? Try to rephrase the topic of your work and find alternative variants. So you can already bring alternatives into play right at the beginning.

If the idea is for the topic, the research can begin. Give the professor a few titles that you have already found. The professor will tell you whether the chosen literature is relevant and suitable, whether there are better works or which authors he recommends to you. Make concrete demands by asking for literature tips, discussing your theses with him and making concrete agreements. This includes setting the next meeting appointments. If you signal to Prof. that you are working independently and well prepared for the conversation, he will gladly meet you again. They do not act as supplicants but merely demand what you are entitled to. By showing yourself as informed and active, you also signal to the professor that he does not have much work with you, because you already know your way around well and only need a little help.

If you work with a ghostwriter or a writing coach, it should tune you well on the meeting. You should, however, intensively familiarize yourself with the topic and ask questions in advance. A good service provider will gladly answer these in detail.

Well-prepared meetings are an essential basis for the thesis project. They facilitate the work and can spare you detours on the way to a successful bachelor thesis or master’s thesis.